Attention Highly Driven and Motivated Beauty and Wellness Brand Owners ❣️

Would you believe me if I told you there was a way to STOP 🛑 spinning in the never-ending grind of the online marketing hamster wheel and turn those lurkers and curious clicks into cash? 💰

I'm revealing it ALL inside of my HOT &🔥 BRAND NEW workshop, Clicks To Cash in which you'll learn exactly what it takes to translate your offline success into consistent online sales

If you're craving a mega-aligned and genuinely YUMMY way for you to attract HOT ♨️ & READY 💰 perfect fit strangers ON REPEAT 🔂 like your favorite song...


...AND with ease, flow, and confidence 🤑

If you're ready to instantly eliminate ❌ THOUSANDS of your competitors

If you're no longer interested in the chasing, convincing, and daily mental ass whoppings marketing your products online gives you, then babbbyyy, I got you 😉!

Understand that this is NOT a pipe dream.

It's NOT a fantasy.

And it is most definitely not "too good to be true."

It was my REALITY and that of many of my clients.

I would LOVE spill alllll the tea on exactly how you make this happen inside of this short, yet POWERFUL workshop

Here's What We're Going To Cover Inside Of The

Clicks To Cash Workshop 💰

✅ The exact blueprint my clients use to target hot & ready shoppers with precision

✅ How to discover your real target audience and identify the goldmine of people ready to spend cash 🤑

✅ The exact formula to creating a messaging strategy that attracts your perfect-fit strangers quickly

✅ The timeless strategy that works in 2024 and beyond to make customer attraction a breeze while giving you more time to do the things you love

✅ How to leverage sales psychology in your sales and marketing strategies to mind f*ck your ideal customers and trigger them to take action

✅ The number one secret to turning curious lurkers and clicks to cash 💰

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Warning ⚠️: This is a high-value, highly-transformative, EXPLOSIVE EXPERIENCE 💣 that's here to SHATTER everything you thought you knew about "marketing" your beauty brand

This experience will help you⤵️

Feel better, stronger, authentic, and more confident in the way your brand shows up online and on social media

Attract a FLOOD of "Take my money, I don't care how much it costs💰" shoppers who are perfect fit strangers rushing to buy your beauty products

The relationship you have with your tribe and online community will deepen, your confidence as a leading beauty brand in your market will strengthen, and the potency of your online marketing will be felt.

✨ Unlock the power of potent and precise targeting that eliminates the need for a huge audience to sell your beauty products like hot cakes

So.. in case you're wondering "wtf qualifies her to teach me how to do this?"

Great question! Secretly, I would have been a little worried if you didn't wonder 🫠

My name is Fatima Barnes and I'm a Business & Marketing Strategist, Some have proclaimed me The official Beauty Brand Whisperer 💄🤑

I've made a name for myself helping beauty brand owners transform their brands to irresistible powerhouses by leveraging the power of customer attraction to the tenth power

➡️ I've been able to help over 450 businesses in over 30+ industries over the last 10+ years skyrocket their marketing, branding, e-commerce, and supply chain strategies and in that work, I've helped them to generate over 5.7 million dollars in additional revenue


➡️ I built my own premium beauty brand to over 100K+ leveraging social media in just 3 hours per day


➡️ Leveraging the power of the ultimate Jedi mind trick to luring customers in (ethically of course 😉) and making sales feel much smoother and effortless

➡️ Unlocking the secret to create powerful marketing strategies that eliminate competition and attract hot & ready strangers without a large audience

All this without relying on...

❌ 10K+ followers

❌ posting feverishly and stalking social media everyday

❌ expensive brand ambassadors or influencers for sales

Just perfect strangers discovering the brand, and like a no-brainer, immediately wanting to make a purchase

But you should know... it wasn't always like this for me...

There was a time when I couldn't stand online marketing 😡

And I started to wonder if it was even possible to stand out online selling beauty products in the "saturated market" all while competing with popular folks and celebrities...

Which I was NOT...

I felt like because I was selling a beauty product that so many other people were selling, the chances of me making the income I desired would be very difficult...close to impossible.without a 30K marketing and advertising budget alone..


Learning to effectively sell and market my beauty products online without the exhaustion felt like trying to learn rocket science... literally 😵‍💫

And I have multiple business degrees 😩

You see, despite my desire to truly help people and make a positive impact in the beauty industry...

I couldn't find my way out of overwhelm and the hustle techniques...

...and I lacked the knowledge, support, and role-modeling of how to effortless attract the right customers online consistently in a way that felt aligned with the lifestyle I wanted to live

Fast forward to today?

I was so successful in learning this game for myself in a way that works...

I now show beauty brand owners exactly how to do the same using timeless and cutting-edge strategies

What shifted?

My answer will take form in the Clicks To Cash Workshop 🤑

For the first time ever... I'm pulling back the curtain on everything that you need to know about marketing your beauty products in a juicy and irresistible way

NO MATTER your audience size or how long you've been in business trying to figure this sh*t out

Inside of Clicks To Cash, I'll share everything I've learned to help you turn those curious clicks into cash through the power attracting customers on the world wide web 🛜 😉

For two years, my client Terrina's business remained at a plateau as she attempted to sell her vegan skincare products, and at 'affordable' prices, no less 😬. However, Terrina managed to triple her product prices and literally sky-rocket 🚀 her sales with multiple sellouts during her pre-order phase, all while having less than 100 followers on her Instagram 🤯

Listen to her thoughts on this mind-blowing experience...

Minnie was in business for years and was unable to truly capture the magic of her brand online to up-level her business and sales. In just 30 days of working together she applied only a few tweaks and she was able to completely sell out of her products 🤯

Listen to her thoughts on this quick transformational experience...

What the beauty bosses are saying 💄...


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